"You, the surprise of my life"

Julián Carrón met with the Families for Hospitality Association. Here are the notes from the meeting (November 13, 2020).

Meeting and dialoguing with a friend who knows us intimately is always a valuable experience. Especially when, as happens in hospitality, life is challenged, and the question of meaning, of being educated and supported, becomes more urgent. This is what it has been like for us to meet Fr. Julián Carrón over the years: a great opportunity to experience his paternity and guidance, in a relationship that has marked our journey and supported our steps.

This year, via video link, it was possible to have a moment together with him to which we invited all the families who have been involved in decision and responsibility in our history; a meeting in which we delved deeper into the theme that as an association we have given ourselves to accompany each other in this year's journey: "You, the surprise of my life. In hospitality, the courage of an encounter". We asked the families of our association to formulate some questions on what is most important to us today. We received many contributions. Some of them are reported in the text of the dialogue we had that evening with Carrón. Others we would like to re-propose in the collection that you will find in the appendix. All of them are a sign of the work that many have done, of the heartfelt expectation of this moment, of the desire to follow the suggested steps.

In the experience of hospitality, the encounter with the wounds of the young people who have entered our homes and become our children (that pain that we share with them and that is sometimes thrown at us), highlights the mystery of their - and our - freedom, the effort and the need to forgive and be forgiven, the pain of our limitations and mistakes.

All of this challenges us and opens up a path: "What does it mean to look at this foster child starting from what the Lord makes happen?", "How do I maintain this beautiful position that makes me live life happily even if it is full of difficulties?", "What do these facts have to do with my desire for happiness?". These are some of the questions that one encounters in these pages and that mark one's life.

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