Giovanni Francesco Romanelli, "St. John and St. Peter at Christ's Tomb" (detail), 1640. © Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Easter 2021: The videoposter

This year, Fr. Giussani's words are accompanied by a seventeenth-century work by Giovanni Francesco Romanelli of the apostles John and Peter in front of the empty tomb.

Ultimately, people–young and not so young–need one thing: the certainty of the positivity of their time and of their lives, the certainty of their destiny.

To say “Christ is risen” is to affirm that reality is positive; it is to lovingly affirm reality. Without Christ’s Resurrection, there is only one possibility: nothingness.

Christ makes Himself present as the Risen one in every period of time, throughout the whole of history. The Spirit of Jesus, that is to say the Word made flesh, becomes an experience possible for ordinary man, in His power to redeem the whole existence of each person and human history, in the radical change that He produces in the one who encounters Him and, like John and Andrew, follows Him.

Luigi Giussani

Easter Poster 2021