Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti

Carrón's messages to Bassetti and Delphini

Upon hearing the news of the hospitalization of the President of the Italian Bishops' Conference and that the Archbishop of Milan has tested positive for Coronavirus, Fr. Carrón has written to them with words of friendship and affection.

Upon hearing the news of the hospitalization of Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, President of the Italian Bishops, and the announcement of the Archbishop of Milan, Monsignor Mario Delpini’s testing positive for Coronavirus, Julián Carrón wished to send both of them messages of closeness and friendship. "I imagine you more intensely immersed in the silent experience of familiarity with the Friend par excellence, by virtue of which we are never alone," Carrón wrote to the Archbishop of Milan on the feast of St. Charles. The words of Fr. Giussani sent to Cardinal Bassetti in this moment of suffering also speak of a privileged relationship with Christ: "The greatest joy in our life is that which all suffering, great or small, allows us to discover, ‘there, now you are more like,’ more ‘unified with Him.’ Life for the happiness of men, for the friendship of Jesus." Two messages written with the "affection of a son" on behalf of the entire movement, to which Carrón extends the invitation to pray for these two "fathers" and for all the pastors of the Church.