Carrón: Reawakening Our Humanity

The fragility of existence and the "bubble" in which we lived. Then, "an unforeseen and unforeseeable interruption of reality, wearing the face of the coronavirus." In this ebook, Carrón describes how this "dizzying time" offers us a great possibility.

"The situation we are experiencing has made us aware that, for a number of years, we have lived, in some sense, as if we were in a bubble that protected us from the blows of life. And so, we went about our lives distracted, pretending that we could control everything. The circumstances, however, spoiled our plans and gave us a rude awakening, telling us to take ourselves seriously and rethink our situation in life. In recent days, reality has torn apart our more or less peaceful routine by taking on the threatening face of COVID-19, a new virus, which has caused an international health emergency.
Reality, which we often try to escape, looking for space to breathe since we are incapable of being with ourselves, has this time been unrelenting, forcing the majority of us to stay put, shut in at home. In this isolation, our real situation in life is coming to light–perhaps for the first time in such a clear way affecting everyone."

Released today, in ebook format and free of charge, Reawakening Our Humanity, by Julián Carrón. It is a book-interview, edited by Alberto Savorana, in which, starting from the"unforeseen and unforeseeable interruption of reality, wearing the face of the coronavirus,” the President of the Fraternity of CL describes the great possibility of rediscovering the human that this situation offers us: from solitude to silence, from sharing to friendship, to the awareness that we have of ourselves and of the world.

In face of the questions that we all ask ourselves ("What is the point of what is happening? But what can we gain by discovering that we are fragile and vulnerable? What overcomes fear?”) the full extent of God's presence and Christian experience emerges. And of witness: "What we need, therefore, more than any reassuring speeches or moral instructions, is to tap into the people who embody the experience of this victory, of an embrace that allows us to face the tender wounds of our suffering and pain, witnesses to the fact that there is a meaning in life proportionate to its challenges.”

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