Livia Giussani

Livia Giussani: CL’s obituary

Fr. Giussani's sister has died. Here is Fr. Julián Carrón and Communion and Liberation’s message: "Intercede for us, together with your brother, in this very dramatic circumstance".

Fr. Julián Carrón and the whole of Communion and Liberation participate in the sorrow of her daughters, Margherita and Cecilia, her brother Gaetano and all her relatives, for the birth in heaven of their dearest one.

Livia Giussani

She took her first steps in life and faith with her brother, without ever detaching herself from him, fulfilling her vocation as a wife and mother in an uninterrupted obedience to the Mystery, as Fr. Giussani suggested: "Dearest Livia, when the essential is present, all the essential, why not welcome with such joy the gift that God gives us for this life of ours, which, after all, is a temporary journey, and in which everything that lives near us is but a passing symbol of those who wait for us forever? - This is the essential value and satisfaction of life" (1948). May she, from heaven, together with her brother, sister and husband, protect our journey in this dramatic situation for both life and faith in the world.

Milan, 19 March 2020