"The Gospel according to Matthew", directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini (1964)

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The image is taken from "The Gospel according to Matthew" by Pier Paolo Pasolini, the poet whose verses accompany the words pronounced by Fr. Giussani in St. Peter's Square in 1998.

There is always something missing, there is a void
in all my intuitions. And it is vulgar,
this, my being incomplete,
and was never so vulgar as it is in this anguish,
this “not having Christ” – a face
that can be a tool for a work not completely
lost in the solitude of pure intuition.
Pier Paolo Pasolini

“What is man that you should keep him in mind,
mortal man that you care for him?” No question in life
has ever struck me like this one.
Only Christ takes my humanity so completely to heart.
Because that Man, the Jew Jesus of Nazareth,
died for us and rose again.
That Risen Man is the Reality on which
all the positivity of every man’s existence depends.
Every earthly experience lived in the Spirit
of Jesus, Risen from the dead, blossoms in Eternity.
This blossoming will not bloom only at the end
of time; it has already begun on the dawn of Easter.
For this reason existence expresses itself, as ultimate
ideal, in begging. The real protagonist of history
is the beggar: Christ who begs for man’s heart,
and man’s heart that begs for Christ.
Luigi Giussani

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