Clonline: Latest updates

We have made some small changes to our website in order to ease navigation. This is what they are.

The Communion and Liberation website, following the suggestions of its readers, has implemented a few graphic changes and improvements in order to ease navigation. They are small changes, but hopefully useful ones.

1. You will immediately notice an arrow on the main link on the left-side of the homepage: when the cursor hovers over the arrow, a summary of the article appears, inviting you to read the most important new headline.

2. A new drop-down menu, which gives access to the international websites (in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French) and the national websites, has been re-located to the right-side of the upper menu-bar.

3. Thematic hashtags (#NewYorkEncounter, #WhereisGod?..) have been added to the bottom of articles that, when clicked on, lead to a new thematic page which suggests similar articles to be read related to the same topic.

The main features of the website, from its structure to the organization of content, remain unchanged. More importantly, the contents and the aim of the CL website remains the same: to share a life that is, increasingly, exploding throughout the world. Happy navigation!