The sculpture dedicated to Fr. Giussani in Rimini

Rimini. A monument for Fr. Giussani

In Rimini, in the middle of a roundabout near the old exhibition center, a sculpture that presents a scheme that Fr. Giussani often used to explain Christianity.

A sui generis sculpture, in the center of a roundabout already dedicated, since 2014, to Fr. Giussani, right near the old exhibition center in Rimini, now the conference center. The Rimini Meeting was held here for many years, and the founder of CL himself often held many conferences and Spiritual Exercises here.

The work was born from the initiative of Marco Ferrini, Antonio Smurro and Sergio De Sio, and the project was realized by architect Marco Benedettini, in order to remember the Lombard priest. It was inaugurated on Monday, 19th August.

The sculpture reconstructs the scheme that Fr. Giussani once drew on a blackboard, when he was teaching at high-school, to explain the terms of the relationship between man and God in human history. In the drawing, arrows that rise upwards towards an X, represent the continuous attempt of man and his longing to reach a mystery recognized by reason as existing. The Christian event occurs and reaches man at a precise point in his history, as represented by an arrow that descends to the bottom, crossing the horizontal line of time.

The project was welcomed and supported by Rimini's civil society and authorities, who recognized the importance and impact of Fr. Giussani's life on both the city and beyond. It’s enough just to think of the Rimini Meeting, which celebrated its 40th anniversary this year, created from the initiative of members of CL from Rimini. But one cannot help but remember that it was on a train to Rimini, at the beginning of the fifties, after a dialogue with some high-school students, that Fr. Giussani, as we read in his biography by Alberto Savorana, had the intuition that led him to commit to the education of young people, so that "people understand", "not my opinion or what my association says", but " what their heart was made for. That they understand a bit more the destiny for which they were made”.