Photo by Rrodzmanz78 via Wikimedia Commons.

Is there anyone who truly cares about the good of Puerto Rico?

We publish a flyer written by the Puerto Rico CL community at the beginning of the protests which led to the governor's resignation.

According to The New York Times, Ricardo Rosselló’s administration, "bogged down by a debt crisis and the slow recovery from Hurricane Maria, has recently been plagued by a corruption scandal and by revelations of crude and offensive messages shared in a private group chat by the governor and his inner circle. Publication of those leaked messages last weekend touched off protests that have unified people of various political parties and those who normally ignore politics.

Protesters said the governor seemed to have miscalculated his ability to govern for what remains of his term, which runs through 2020."

On Wednesday, the governor resigned after a week of protests requesting his resignation, a general strike, and lack of support from his own party.

We publish a flyer written by the Puerto Rico Communion and Liberation community and circulated by them as a press release.