A friend on the road to the Mystery: The distinctive features of Fr. Giussani’s proposal for Christian education

On June 22 at the Sheen Center in New York City, Timothy O'Malley and John Zucchi will be speaking at the annual Luigi Giussani Series on Faith and Modernity.

Fr. Luigi Giussani, the founder of the Catholic movement Communion and Liberation (which organizes the annual Way of the Cross over the Brooklyn Bridge and New York Encounter) was an original and innovative thinker and educator, able to propose Christianity in a way that answers the challenges of our time. To make his thought known to a wider public, Crossroads has established the annual Giussani Series on Faith and Modernity to present every year a specific aspect of Fr. Giussani’s rich theological and pedagogical understanding. The 2019 Giussani Series will take place on Saturday, June 22, 2019 at 6:00 pm EST at the Sheen Center and will focus specifically on the distinctive features of Giussani's proposal for Christian education. Speakers are philosopher Dr. Timothy O’Malley, director of Education and Academic Director at Notre Dame University and Dr. John Zucchi, History Professor at McGill University. The event is free of charge but reservations are required. The panel may be live streamed from any electronic device. All are invited!