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The European Parliamentary Elections 2019

In light of the parliamentary elections in May, we publish the Communion and Liberation flyer on the elections. Where do we begin again?

These elections are forcing us to widen our gaze, to look beyond the horizon of individual nations, even though the internal circumstances of each EU country call for all our attention and touch the lives of citizens more directly.

In the past there were shared certainties acknowledged by almost everyone. Today that is no longer the case. We are living in a completely new phase of history, characterized by an increasingly evident weakening in interest in reality and, in many cases, a paralyzing passivity. Daily experience is marked by recurrent questions: How do we live with those who are different from us? Why have a family or establish lasting relationships? How should we educate our children? What is the sense of working for the common good?

Many are disoriented and wonder how they can overcome the existential uncertainty that kills hope and blocks the capacity for encounter, dialogue, and initiative at all levels.


Download the flyer.