"Christ and the Apostles." Detail from the frescoes with Episodes from the Life of Christ, Church of Santa Margherita (c. 13th century), Laggio di Cadore, Belluno, Italy.

Easter 2019: The Poster

The artwork featured in this year's Easter poster portrays Christ and the apostles from the life of Christ frescoes in the Church of Santa Margherita, Belluno, Italy.

"The people who followed Him, the disciples who followed Him, were poor wretches like you and me. All the newness of hope, the absolutely new certainty and new reality that they were, was that Presence. The contemporaneousness of that Presence with me, with my children, with those who will come after us in a hundred million years: this is the victory that conquers the world. This is the absolute newness. This is the divine in history! I remain the same poor beggar, but with Christ I am certain, I am rich. The attractiveness of my person, that is, what makes it possible to love my person, is the existence of this presence. Indeed, it is only in a companionship with Him that a person loves himself. Only a person who carried this message can claim an affection for himself, can love himself and therefore love others."

Luigi Giussani

The 2019 CL Easter poster.