Venezuelan protests, January 23, 2019. Via Wikimedia Commons

Venezuela: "I Am Certain that He Will Not Fail to Amaze You"

Julián Carrón to our friends in Venezuela on the occasion of their National Assembly in San Felipe on February 9-10, 2019.
Julián Carrón

Dear friends,

We want to assure you of the closeness and friendship of the entire Movement as you go through this dramatic moment, along with all Venezuelans. It is a precious opportunity for you to verify the fact that any circumstance lived in companionship with Christ can be transformed. Give Christ a chance to surprise you by letting Him enter into your lives, which are so full of challenges right now. I am certain that He will not fail to amaze you once again, demonstrating all the love He has for each one of you. If you do this, you will find an abundance of reasons to recognize His presence in your midst.

A warm embrace,
Julián Carrón