Pope Francis' Speech in Cesena’s Piazza del Popolo.

Politics, Essential Dimension of Civil Coexistence

On October 1, 2017, in Cesena, Pope Francis offered us a vision of politics that we find will be vital in facing the upcoming elections. We propose his words as a working hypothesis for all.

The square is an emblematic place, where the aspirations of individuals meet with the needs, expectations and dreams of the entire citizenry;
where particular groups become aware that their wishes must be harmonized with those of the collective. I would say - allow me this
image - in this square the common good of all is molded; here one works for the common good of all. This harmonization of one's own desires with those of the community forms the common good.
In this square it is learned that, without pursuing the common good with consistency, effort and intelligence, even individuals are unable to claim their rights and realize their most noble aspirations, as the ordered and civil space in which to live and work would be reduced.
The centrality of the square thus conveys the message that it is essential for us all to work together for the common good. This is foundation of the good governance of the city, which makes it beautiful, healthy and welcoming, a crossroads of initiatives and the motor of sustainable and integral development.

This square, like all the other squares in Italy, recalls the need, for the life of the community, for good politics; not that
which serves individual ambitions or the arrogance of factions or centers of interests. A political life that is neither servant nor master , but rather a friend and collaborator; neither fearful nor averse, but rather responsible and therefore courageous and prudent at the same time; that increases the involvement of the people, their progressive inclusion and participation; that does not leave any categories at the margins, that does not sack and pollute natural resources; indeed these are not a bottomless pit but rather a treasure given to us by God to be used with intelligence and respect. A political life that knows how to harmonize the legit-imate aspirations of individuals and groups, keeping the rudder frmly orientated towards the interest of the citizenry as a whole. (...)