The members of the diocesan tribunal (Photo:  Paolo Gianferrari)

Piccinini: Diocesan inquiry initiated

On Saturday, December 10 the first phase of Enzo Piccinini’s cause for beatification began. The tribunal presided over by the bishop has been established. Here are the words of Davide Prosperi and those of Monsignor Erio Castellucci.
Gianni Varani

All the ancient wisdom of the Catholic Church, together with rigor and foresight, came together in Modena for the official launch of the diocesan informational inquiry into Enzo Piccinini's life, virtues and reputation for holiness. A sober and essential gesture took place on Saturday, December 10, in the parish church of Jesus the Redeemer, with Vespers led by the Archbishop Abbot of Modena-Nonantola Monsignor Erio Castellucci. Hundreds of faithful of all ages gathered from different areas of Italy.

The initiation of the inquiry, which consists of the establishment of a rigorous ecclesiastical tribunal, as canonical norms require, represents the most significant step of the diocesan path to assess causes of beatification and canonization. This initiation thus gives way to a committed and detailed legal procedure, as indicated by the archbishop, but also invites a deeper prayer: the invocation of humility to welcome "the gifts that God sheds on our path" and thanks to Enzo and to God for allowing us to meet him.
During evening prayer, with songs and psalms, the chancellor of the Diocese, Monsignor Miroslaw Denisiuk, led the more formal and legal part of the gesture. The Archbishop himself first swore by the Gospel to fulfill his task with absolute fidelity and diligence. "So help me God – as the formula goes – and may these holy Gospels assist me." The members of the tribunal were sworn in with these same words: Monsignor Franco Borsari, episcopal delegate; Fr. Riccardo Fangarezzi, promoter of justice; and Massimo Poggi, notary. The postulator of Enzo's cause, Francesca Amedea Consolini, was also sworn in. It is a sign that the initiation of the Inquiry coincides with the centenary of the birth of the Servant of God Fr. Luigi Giussani, the founding priest of Communion and Liberation, who was passionately followed by Enzo throughout his adult life.

Davide Prosperi, the president of the Fraternity of CL, who came to Modena especially for this inauguration, commented on this beginning: "This is a great day for the entire movement of CL, as well as for Enzo's family and the Diocese of Modena. We are beginning to document and understand Enzo’s life, virtue and reputation for holiness. I think Enzo is experiencing immense joy, in this year of the centenary of Gius. The Church is giving the people of God a great gift and to us in particular, a people that Enzo served without calculation and with boundless passion throughout his life."

The address of H.E. Msgr. Erio Castellucci, Archbishop Abbot of Modena-Nonantola

"Greetings to all those who have gathered for this solemn occasion. I want to thank Enzo, family, all his friends, and especially the Lord for bringing us together and for the diocesan launch of this Cause. And we ask the Lord that, as we have just sung in Mary's words, He may grant us humility of heart. For this is the right attitude to welcome fully the gifts that He sheds around us, in the midst of our stories, on our paths.
The rite that we began with the celebration of Vespers, and which will now continue, is a very demanding rite for our diocesan Church: it is a rite that has a juridical flavor and value, but it above all the has value that each one of us demands of this moment with our own heart, with our own presence, with our own prayer."