The Pope in the Plain of Ur for an interreligious meeting

The Pope in Iraq: "Our journey, the way of peace"

During his visit, Pope Francis attended an interreligious meeting in the Plain of Ur with Christian, Muslim, Sabei and Yazidi representatives. Here is his address.
Pope Francis

Dear brothers and sisters,

This blessed place brings us back to our origins, to the sources of God’s work, to the birth of our religions. Here, where Abraham our father lived, we seem to have returned home. It was here that Abraham heard God’s call; it was from here that he set out on a journey that would change history. We are the fruits of that call and that journey. God asked Abraham to raise his eyes to heaven and to count its stars (cf. Gen 15:5). In those stars, he saw the promise of his descendants; he saw us. Today we, Jews, Christians and Muslims, together with our brothers and sisters of other religions, honour our father Abraham by doing as he did: we look up to heaven and we journey on earth [...]

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