Assisted suicide. The Italian Bishops on the ruling of the Council

Italy’s Constitutional Court ruled on the non-punishment of suicide assistance to those who have already decided to take their own lives, pointing towards guidelines for a future law. The Italian Episcopal conference reiterates the words of Pope Francis.

“One can and one must reject the temptation - also favoured by legislative changes - to use medicine to satisfy a sick person’s wish to die, providing assistance to suicide or directly causing death by euthanasia”.

The Italian bishops are unanimous in restating these words of Pope Francis. In light of them, they have expressed their discontent and distance with respect to what was communicated by the Constitutional Court.

The greatest concern is, above all, related to the implicit cultural impetus that may arise in relation to suffering patients, making them believe that asking to end their life is a dignified choice.

The Bishops confirm and reiterate the Church’s commitment of proximity and accompaniment to all the sick. They hope that the parliamentary process will recognize these values to the greatest possible degree, also protecting healthcare workers with freedom of choice.

Rome, 25 September 2019

Italian Episcopal Conference
National Office for Social Communications