Jean Vanier (left) and Luigi Giussani in 1998.

Jean Vanier: He Converted Hearts, One by One

We publish the obituary text signed by Fr. Julián Carrón on behalf of Communion and Liberation on the occasion of the passing of Jean Vanier alongside a video interview by Vanier for the 2015 New York Encounter.

Fr. Julián Carrón and all of Communion and Liberation gather in condolences with the L’Arche community on the occasion of the heavenly birth of


We all remember him smiling, sitting beside his dear friend Fr. Giussani in Saint Peter’s Square in 1998, a witness to the Mercy that saves us from nothingness. “The world is not merely a world of violence, but the Word was made flesh. God loves humanity. God is present.” This was the certainty of his faith which lead him to dedicate his life to the happiness of those in need who he welcomed by the thousands in his communities worldwide, converting their hearts, one by one. Through the intercession of Fr. Giussani we ask the Father to welcome him with open arms, as Vanier himself welcomed the poor, so that he may be recipient of the Love which fulfills all human desires.

Milan, May 7, 2019