Carrón: Renewed Wonder and Gratitude at Having Encountered the Charism

On Saturday, June 23, the ordination of new Fraternity of Saint Charles priests and deacons took place in Rome, Italy. We publish Fr. Julián Carrón's message to them.
Julián Carrón

To those who will be ordained priests and deacons for the Fraternity of St. Charles.

Father Antonio Acevedo, Father Michele Baggi, Father Emanuele Fadini, Father Luca Montini, Father Patrick Valena, and Marek Mikulastik, Francesco Montini

Dear brothers,

In this decisive day, in which by the grace of priestly and diaconal Ordination your lives will be forever conformed to Christ the Redeemer of man, I unite myself, together with the whole Movement, to you, to your Superiors, to your parents and families, and to all your friends who will gather at Saint John Lateran.

My most sincere hope is that each day you live your new condition, you will renew, together with your belonging to the Priestly Fraternity of the Missionaries of Saint Charles Borromeo, the wonder and gratitude at having encountered the charism of Father Giussani and the decision to devote all your energies to communicating this charism to your brothers and sisters where you are called to live and work, in an intelligent and wholehearted, affective and effective, following of the life of the Movement, a companionship guided toward Destiny.

I ask you to offer one of your first Masses for the intention that the thirst for happiness, and thus, the tension toward holiness, would ignite a “fever for life” in every member of Communion and Liberation, in particular in those who for different reasons are suffering in body or spirit.

From the heart, I thank each of you! A big hug,

Father Julián Carrón