New priests of the Fraternity of St. Charles Borromeo.

Fr. Julián Carrón: "The beauty and human value of a life entirely handed over to Christ"

Fr. Julián Carrón addresses the New priests of the Fraternity of St. Charles Borromeo.
Julián Carrón

To the dearest
Father Marco Vignolo and Father Mattia Zuliani
and Antonio Acevedo, Michele Baggi, Emanuele Fadini, Luca Montini, Patrick Valena

Dear brothers,

I am spiritually close to you, and together with me the whole Movement of Communion and Liberation participates in your joy, and that of the Priestly Fraternity, the Missionary Sisters, your families, and your superiors in this time when, through the imposition of hands of His Eminence Cardinal Angelo Scola, you have received the grace of the priesthood and of the diaconate.

I am thankful for your definitive “yes” to the Lord, who in front of our eyes renews the evidence of the beauty and human value of a life entirely handed over to Christ, which He has mysteriously chosen and favored. I am asking the Lord that your life, conformed to Christ the Savior, will truly be an instrument of His mercy and His salvation for the brothers and sisters entrusted to you, and that you can daily live the memory of Christ which, as Pope Francis reminded us, “allows us to dwell in love, to be mind-ful, never forgetting who it is who loves us and whom we are called to love in return.” (Homily for Corpus Christi, 18 June 2017)

To remain in His love is possible when everyday we renew the grateful awareness of the charism which has taken hold of us and continues to take hold of us, that of Father Giussani which lives today for the benefit of the Church and of our fellowmen in life and in the current form of the Movement, as it happens everyday. This is, I believe, the deepest reason for the Priestly Fraternity begun by our dear Bishop Camisasca.

I ask you in your celebration of Holy Mass and in your prayers to entrust all the communities throughout the word and the life of everyone, especially those who are most in
difficulty, to Our Lady, that she may help us to spend ourselves everyday for the human glory of her Son.

Father Julián Carrón