“Without Him we cannot do anything”

A letter from the retreat with Fr. Carrón in the UK, which recounts the experience of a family that is discovering what really corresponds to their desire.

Dear Julián,

Last year was a tough one. My husband and I were completely immersed in our new jobs and after a while we realized that we were losing ourselves. We were just surviving, to the point that we had serious difficulties in our relationship. We had little time to do anything, very few friends who were mostly far away from us. At a certain point, we had to stop and ask ourselves what was missing. We decided to take a step back in our careers and to start going again to School of Community, which we had forgotten for months.

In order to be able to go to School of Community together, we had to employ a babysitter, in addition to the money we were already spending on daytime childcare. And to sacrifice the only evening we had together. But we acknowledged that we were happier if we went to School of Community and this was an undeniable fact. And it was something useful for our relationship as well.

I was surprised by the welcome we received from there people there, something which I would never have imagined. And, every week, I am amazed by new arrivals. The way that they talk about their encounter with Christ, at any point along their path, and their questions have been a way for me to re-encounter Him. It is happening again for me. After 15 years in the movement, I have never felt so happy to go to School of Community.

It is a work that we also try to do during the week and it illuminates our days. School of Community teaches me how to look at reality. We are more open towards the people we encounter because we want to see Him everywhere. We need the same fulfilment of heart that attracted us many years ago now. His gaze full of compassion and sympathy for my person that is Christ is the only thing that truly corresponds to my real desire. Everything else comes afterwards. And we realized that we are able to seek Him everywhere, precisely because of that first encounter. But now it is multi-faced!

It is incredible to see His companionship in our neighbours, through our parish priests, colleagues, or in the little things that just happen. The work we have been doing this year, following you, has been precious because we were able to acknowledge what really sustains us with a more mature faith. More conscious, adult, free and joyful. Thank you for helping us throughout this path of discovery and awareness. It is true that without Him we cannot do anything.

Signed letter