The "Morans" group from Nairobi

Kenya: If the Maasai warriors were to sell Traces

Once a month, outside the masses of the parish in which they do School of Community. This is what happens in Nairobi when a group of friends propose Traces. "Something to do with Christ's victory now..."

Dear friends, I wanted to share with you the fruits of the experience of our monthly sale of Traces, the English edition of Tracce, in Kenya. Our School of Community of “Morans”, the Maasai warriors, meets every Wednesday evening in the hall of the parish church of St. Francis Xavier in Parklands, a central area of Nairobi.

Every first Sunday of the month, we sell Traces at the end of mass and it’s always a great challenge. One time, a little disheartened, I asked myself what the meaning of this gesture was, as I watched people come out of the church and dodge me, and I couldn’t even sell one. I was also a little tired, since I had just returned from a trip abroad. I thought over and over…Then I said to myself: “If Carrón were here…He would say to me: “Do what you want, but if you go away, you wont see the victory of Christ””. A few seconds later, a man approaches me and says: “What are you doing here? Come over to the other side of the square. My friends and I want to buy your newspaper”. And I immediately sold six copies.

Another incident related to the magazine happened when I was in a spiritual center, where I met a Kenyan bishop. He pulled out the booklet of the Fraternity Exercises that was attached to one of the latest issues and said to me: “See? I have to preach other spiritual exercises and I will use Carrón’s meditations".

Last time, before starting our militant sale, I called Giampaolo, a young friend of ours who has come to Kenya to do civil service, on the phone. I asked him if he needed a lift and he replied that he had forgotten about the appointment and had already made other commitments. With others, we went to St. Francis without him. It even started raining. At a certain point, I see Giampaolo appear under the church portico and, surprised, I asked him: "Why are you here?". And he said: "I remembered that you told us that our friends Priscilla and Jude met the movement precisely through Traces. That's why I decided to come.”

Masu, Nairobi, Kenya