The View in Store for Me

During her last GS vacation, high school student Sofia discovered that the experience of the movement goes far beyond the friends in her community.

What brings me to see beauty right in front of my eyes is to look and to pay attention. During the GS Summer Vacation, I was open to the possibilities of there being so much more than the community in Miami that I grew up with. I went in with no expectations based on my previous experiences with GS vacations or even based on what I learned from the New York Encounter. This was going to be a brand-new experience, one that I learned would involve a lot of judgment and awareness.

Coming into this whole new experience of camping and sleeping on a rocky ground for many nights, I was fearful because this was going to be my last vacation with my friends, and our journey walking together for the past four years would come to a tearful end. However, as Fr. Michele emphasized, we are not capable of choosing those that are the presence of Christ for us. We are not capable of choosing who becomes a part of this concept of “community” without there being an Other presence guiding it. This friendship, this desire to want to be around these people who ask so many mind-boggling questions, cannot only be directed by us imperfect humans. There is Someone else that guides those people to become a part of my life; to become His presence in my life.

One of the most intense experiences that I have ever had to judge and truly live through was the eight-mile hike that we took on this vacation. It became so painful and strenuous for me to continue until I came across this vast and amazing view of a bit of South Carolina. Through the toughest and most uncomfortable moments, He was pushing me. He was helping me inch closer and closer to see the view He had in store for my very own human eyes. It truly made me admire the life, the views, the beautiful moments that are possible when I choose Him and what He desires for me.

Lastly, I was so excited about the fact that I met incredible people so passionate and eager to ask these questions. I was so happy to see that I had found my people. His presence is seen wherever I go and wherever I end up as long as I open my eyes to search for Him. Rachel, one of the adults from New York, truly inspired me when I told her that I would miss this experience and I was scared of losing that eagerness that I had felt there. She told me that it’s incredible that I felt this way because that means something beautiful happened. Indeed, something truly amazing happened, guided by and founded in Him, that I truly never want to forget.

Sofia, Florida, USA