Vancouver: What did they See?

The community of Vancouver extended the invitation to this year's Way of the Cross to friends and acquaintances outside the movement. Here is what happened.

In the past three years, an increasing number of people—between 100 and 150—have participated to our Way of the Cross here in Vancouver. I think the reason is that at a certain point, we wanted it to become a public gesture, and so we began telling people about it and involving our friends and parishes.

Throughout the years, our desire grew to prepare it carefully so that it may become a helpful gesture of memory and beauty; a gesture proposed to everyone, not only to us in the movement. Animated by this desire, two friends and I began organizing it with care for all the details: from the reading selection or the search for an appealing path, to the sound system. The beautiful thing was that we got friends and acquaintances involved all throughout the city, especially people who frequent the Cathedral where we have School of Community.

We got help from the Indian priest at the Cathedral, who immediately agreed to accompany us. The reader, beating me to it, asked me for the opportunity to read. And the singers, which I gathered here and there and with which a beautiful friendship is blossoming, sang beautifully.

Ultimately, it was an event of communion. And by the way, in the end it was “sponsored” by the archdiocese of Vancouver. I am enthusiastic, I don’t know how else to explain it, and 90 percent of those in attendance were not even in CL! Seeing all those people I wanted to hug them and be companion on our journey. I wanted to say to the: please, let’s be friends!

The funny thing is that at the end they did not come ask us to which parish we belonged, and the people they did ask did not know what else to say but, “We are a group of friends.” Two young women who sang in the choir, happy about the experience, expressed the desire to see us more often and to join CL, not knowing what it was. They just saw something fascinating in our friendship.

I cannot but rejoice in these signs that the Lord places before me and desire to follow them begging to be simple hearted.

Miriam, Vancouver, Canada