A letter about a mother driving her children to school.

Driving my children to school, I take a panoramic road with a wonderful mountain view. Every day the mountains look different, depending on the light and the weather of that particular day; sometimes they are pink, other times they are dark or white with snow, and sometimes they hide behind the clouds. At times, the moon is still visible. Thinking about what we are working on in School of Community, I realized that when I leave home in the morning I am curious to see what the mountains will look like on that particular day–so much so that lately I never let my husband take care of driving the children to school. I leave my house with the certainty that the mountains will be there, waiting for me, but I never know what they will look like. This experience has allowed me to discover something more about God’s nature. He is present, and every day He shows Himself in different ways; I realize that I need Him and depend on Him to the point that I don’t want to live without Him. I look for Him. At times, it may seem like He is not here, because He is hidden behind the clouds. When that happens, I start from the certainty of having seen Him the day before, and from the awareness that the way He is showing Himself in that moment coincides with my desire to see Him. When I let myself be surprised, reality is rich and full of meaning.

Chiara, Transacqua, Italy