Carrón: “The life of each of us hangs by a thread. Why is life worth living?”

The Attacks in Paris
The CL Press Office

Communion and Liberation unites with Pope Francis’ deeply moved emotion, pain and prayer for the victims of the attacks in Paris and for the French people: “These things are difficult to understand. There is no justification for these things. This is not human” (Pope Francis, on the phone with TV2000).
Fr. Julián Carrón, President of the Fraternity of CL, has declared: “Evident before our eyes is the fact that the life of each of us hangs by a thread. We could be killed at any moment, in any place, at a restaurant, a stadium, or during a concert. The possibility of a violent and ferocious death has become a reality also in our cities. For this reason, the events of Paris place us in front of the crucial question: why is life worth living? It is a provocation that none of us can avoid. Seeking an adequate answer to the question of the meaning of our life is the one antidote for the fear that grips us as we watch the television in these hours. It is the foundation that no terrorist can destroy.”
“Let us ask the Lord to be able to face this terrible challenge with the same sentiments of Christ, who did not allow fear to overcome Him: “When He was insulted, He returned no insult; when He suffered, He did not threaten; instead, He handed Himself over to the One who judges justly” (I Pet. 2:23). With this Presence in our eyes, we will be able to look even at death, beginning with the deaths of those who lost their lives in Paris, to offer our children a hypothesis of meaning that enables us to stay in front of these massacres and gives each of us a reason for returning to work Monday morning, continuing to build a world that lives up to our humanity, with the certainty of the hope that is in us.” With these words Fr. Carrón invited all the friends of the Movement to participate in the moments of prayer that will be proposed by the dioceses, in union with the Pope and the entire Church.

The CL Press Office

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    The life of each of us hangs by a thread. Why is life worth living?