Notes from the Assembly with Fr. Julián Carrón and the Equipe of GS

Cervinia, September 3, 2016
Fr. Julián Carrón

Alberto Bonfanti. Thanking Julián from our heart, who is here with us and who never abandons us, I will re-read the invitation to this assembly, which came from his message to the Triuduum: “We all know from experience that it is not easy to find someone who lives at the height of his desire. In the same way, we know that without the presence of a great friend, we give up quickly
in front of the demands of life.” Starting from this, we have asked ourselves: “Have you experienced in this time, after the Triduum, especially during vacation, a friend that does not abandon you?” Let’s begin the assembly.

Julián Carrón. Did you find an answer to this question in the Lauds we just prayed? Silence! We can begin the morning without being present to what we do, and then that which we do does not serve our purpose: to look for someone at the height of his desire. Which one of you found in Lauds this morning someone at the height of his desire?...

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