Message at the Conclusion of the Easter Triduum of GS

Rimini, April 19, 2014
Fr. Julián Carrón

Dear friends,

Sooner or later, the desire to be happy appears in everyone’s life. From that moment, life is different, and one understands that this is serious. “Life is mine, irreducibly mine,” said Fr. Giussani. Nothing is as serious as life, because happiness—that is, the reason for living—is at stake.

And so life becomes dramatic.


Because one can no longer live as if such an all-consuming desire were not present. For the very fact of perceiving it, I am already different. From the moment in which I started to feel it, I ceased to be a child.

This is how the adventure of life begins—and the struggle.?

It is the struggle between taking this desire seriously, and pretending not to have felt it.
But there is a problem: it is necessary to truly love oneself in order to engage in this struggle, toward which all of my being, all of my humanity, ceaselessly drives me.

In the end, life is a matter of affection, of affection for oneself.

Precisely in order to reawaken this affection, “One died for everyone.” And, in rising, He was victorious—as Peter and John’s faces demonstrate, as they run toward the tomb on the morning of the Resurrection.

Who doesn’t desire an affection like this?
Happy Easter, my friends.

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