Easter 2017. The Easter Poster of Communion and Liberation

As it does every year, the Movement of CL offers an artistic image and text as a help to live Easter.

This year the picture is: Blessed Angelico Sermon on the Mount, the cell 32. Convent of San Marco, Florence.

The text consists of a piece by Charles Peguy found in: Ch. Peguy, "The Porch of the Mystery of the Second Virtue", in id. He is here. selected pages, Bur, Milan, 2009, pp. 314-315.

Here is the passage:

"Miracle of miracles, my child, mystery of mysteries.
Because Jesus Christ has become our carnal brother
Because he has pronounced carnally and in time, eternal words,
In Monte, upon the mountain,
It is to us, the weak, that it was given,
It depends on us, weak and carnal,
To bring to life and to nourish,
and to keep alive in time
These words pronounced alive in time."
(Charles Peguy)

Available versions (PDF format)