US & More - 2011

An Elderly Patient with her Caregiver. Flickr

The Hidden Privilege

US & MoreVeronica Bushman, Elvira Parravicini, Costanza Raimondi

The first intuition dawned during a visit to his sick grandmother in Croatia, and was followed by confirmations, is the path of a physician who found a treasure that allows him to accompanying others to Destiny.

The Crosby CL community.

A Journey to freedom

US & MoreChris Bacich

Picking up the story of Fr. Julián Carrón’s month-long visit to the American CL communities, Traces presents some other witnesses–from Minnesota to the West Coast–of a people living the question of what makes life really life.

Julián Carrón at the Grand Canyon.
Julián Carrón in Monument Valley, Utah, with friends.

Coast to Coast

US & MoreChris Bacich

In July, among U.S. communites across the country, a series of surprising encounters with Fr. Julián Carrón took place.

Julián Carrón and friends look at the view, Utah.