US & More - 2001

Guinness. Wikimedia Commons

A Real Guinness Beer

US & MorePaola Ronconi

St Patrick evangelized the island in the 5th century. In 1980, three Italian university students started the first CL community and the challenge, in a moment of economic depression, to set up an English school for foreigners.

Bookstore. Wikimedia Commons

On the Road

US & MoreMarco Bardazzi

Seeds scattered on the green field of America: small communities of the Movement are springing up here and there in original, unpredictable ways. Indiana, Missouri, Evansville, Raleigh, Houston... A brief look at some of these stories...

In the Land of Freedom

US & MoreGiovanni Cesana

At Lake Placid, on vacation with the American university students. The individualism versus the wonder at a newness and a friendship that is deeply moving. A testimony of an Italian student

London, England. Wikimedia Commons

The Rock and the City

US & MoreAnna Leonardi

In the “wasteland” recounted by Eliot, where Catholics are 10% of the population, the history of the British CL community. Starting from the experience of Fisher House at Cambridge all the way to the economic heart of the capital.