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Latin America assembly of responsibles.

You Cannot Fake the "Hundredfold"

Current EventsDavide Perillo

A veteran who, after years, returns to be amazed, a seventy-year-old new to CL, and stories of violence in Mexico and of starvation in Venezuela in the report of the annual assembly with Julián Carrón and the responsibles in Latin America.

The disciples Peter and John running to the tomb on the morning of the resurrection by Eugène Burnand.

2018 CL Easter Poster

Current Events

The 2018 Easter poster image is Eugène Burnand's "The disciples Peter and John running to the tomb on the morning of the resurrection," currently at the Musee d'Orsay, Paris.

Street art by David McClelland on Kent Street, Belfast. Photo by Rossographer via geograph

Referendum: A great divide or an impossible unity?

Current Events

In late May, Irish voters will be called to decide on the eighth amendment to the Constitution: What decrees the equality of the right to life of mothers and unborn children? We published a message written by the CL community in Ireland.

Letter from Fr. Julian Carron to the CL community.

"Our One Desire is to Follow Him"

Current EventsJulián Carrón

Last Friday on February 2, Fr. Julián Carrón was received in audience by Pope Francis. This is the letter that was written to the Fraternity of Communion & Liberation after his encounter with the Holy Father.

Julián Carrón received by Pope Francis.

Julián Carrón received in private
audience with Pope Francis

Current EventsAdriana Masotti

The president of Communion & Liberation explain to VaticanNews themes of their conversation. "He encouraged us to continue with our efforts, [...] he believes this education is especially important [...] when young people are living in a “liquid society”.

The Brooklyn Bridge

New York Encounter: The Message of Pope Francis

Current EventsCardinal Pietro Paolin

From January 12-14 the tenth edition of the New York Encounter will be held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan. This year the event is titled "An 'Impossible' Unity." Read the message of Pope Francis, sent by Cardinal Pietro Parolin.

Pope Francis' Speech in Cesena’s Piazza del Popolo.

Politics, Essential Dimension of Civil Coexistence

Current Events

On October 1, 2017, in Cesena, Pope Francis offered us a vision of politics that we find will be vital in facing the upcoming elections. We propose his words as a working hypothesis for all.

Donald J. Trump

A Year with Trump

Current EventsMattia Ferraresi

From the presidential inauguration to today, a review of alliances forged and bridges burned, immigration, religious liberty, and much confusion... While Catholics face the dilemma of being "homeless" in U.S. politics.