Fr. Giussani in Riccione in 1973 (Photo: Fraternity of CL)

Masses around the world

Celebrations for the 18th anniversary of Fr. Giussani's death and the 41st of the pontifical recognition of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation.

On the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the death of the Servant of God Fr. Luigi Giussani (Feb. 22, 2005) and the 41st anniversary of the pontifical recognition of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation (February 11, 1982), Masses are scheduled to be celebrated and around the world, presided over by cardinals and bishops.

The intention for the masses is as follows:
In grateful memory of Fr. Giussani let us ask the Lord that we may correspond with our whole lives to the invitation addressed to us by Pope Francis on October 15 to accompany him in the prophecy for peace, in the prophecy that indicates the presence of God in the poor, in the prophecy that announces the presence of God in every nation and culture.

Davide Prosperi (president of the Fraternity of CL) recently stated:
«Fr. Giussani» had «intuited the trajectory that society would take, having become aware of the unconscious estrangement from one's own identity, from knowledge of Christian origins and from lived faith that was taking place precisely in Catholic circles (…). He saw that only in the integral proposal of a human experience, which develops all the dimensions of living as they arise in the Christian experience, can one continue to live and can regain awareness of the origin of faith. That God became man implies that Christ continues to be present through a human story, made up of those who recognize him, speak about him, make him present in all areas of human life. (...) Today there is a need for a radical way of life that shows the human convenience of living one's presence as a relationship with Christ".

Click here for the updated list of celebrations. Here are some of them:

Milan, Monsignor Mario Delpini, February 23; Rome, Monsignor Benoni Ambarus, February 22; Perugia, Monsignor Ivan Maffeis, February 26; Bologna, Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, February 20; Florence, Cardinal Giuseppe Betori, February 13; Turin, Monsignor Roberto Repole, February 23; Madrid, Cardinal Carlos O. Sierra, February 18; Montreal, Monsignor Christian Lépine, February 25; Tunis, Monsignor Ilario Antoniazzi, February 10; Washington DC, Archbishop William Lori, February 24; Prague, Monsignor Jan Graubner, March 26; Taipei, Monsignor Thomas Chung An-Zu, February 18; Paris, Fr. Dino Quartana, February 11; Barcelona, Cardinal Juan José Omella, February 19; Tenerife, Monsignor Bernardo Álvarez Afonso, February 14; Mexico City, Monsignor Andrés Luis García Jasso, February 11; Chicago, Monsignor Mark Bartosik, February 24; Ngozi, Abbot Victor Ntihabose, February 5; Tokyo, Monsignor Leo Boccardi, February 23; Como, Cardinal Oscar Cantoni, February 13; Bucharest, Fr. Antonio Prestipino, February 20; Kampala, Monsignor Luigi Bianco, February 18; Bogotà, Monsignor Luis Mariano Montemayor, February 25; Dublin, Monsignor Diarmuid Martin, February 16; Liverpool, Cardinal Michael Louis Fitzgerald, February 4; London, Fr. Francis Murphy, February 28; Santiago de Chile, Monsignor Alberto Ortega Martín, March 5; San Paolo, Cardinal Dom Odilo Pedro Scherer, February 12; Salvador de Bahia, Cardinal Dom Sérgio da Rocha, March 5; Taranto, Monsignor Filippo Santoro, February 28; Rosario, Monsignor Eduardo Martín, February 14; Santa Fe, Monsignor Sergio Alfredo Fenoy, February 23; Stockholm, Cardinal Anders Arborelius, February 19; Munich, Fr. Johannes Oberbauer, February 23; Bethlehem, Monsignor Adolfo Tito Yllana, March 17; Venice, patriarch Francesco Moraglia, February 6.