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John Bartlett (left) and Conor McDonald. Photo by Sarah Rivas

The Gift of an "Impossible" Unity

US & MoreClare Chiodini

"Never let anger destroy your heart." Retired FDNY fireman John Bartlett and Sergeant Conor McDonald, NYPD, opened the 2018 New York Encounter with conversation.

(L-R) John Bartlett, Conor McDonald and Archbishop Bernardito Auza

Reality Never Betrays


Abbé Claude's parish is literally the streets of Montreal, where he and his adopted son, Kevin (who also used to live on the streets), minister to his flock: the homeless people of Montreal.

NY Encounter: "...felt like an absolute feast"


Although I had been introduced to CL in bits through friends who have been part of the movement and a few visits to the local school of community, the NY Encounter felt like my first real introduction to the movement and to Giussani....

New York City. CC0 Creative Commons

Reality Does Not Betray

Current EventsDavide Perillo

The ninth annual New York Encounter took place in an America where the most insidious fear is “not being able to have everything.” From the title (which hits home) to the face-to-face panels on science, faith, post-truth, literature and more…

Gold in the Mud


Reading Chapter 6 of "Why the Church," I experienced the following about the "gold in the mud" at the New York Encounter...

Jacob Donaldson. Photo by Margaret Stokman

The Devil's Trick: The Screwtape Letters

US & MoreStephen Adubato

"Reality as it is given in the present moment is the place in which the promise of eternity reveals itself." Marcie Stokman, founder of Well-Read Mom, and Dr. James Como spoke about "The Screwtape Letters" by C.S. Lewis at the 2017 New York Encounter.

Marcie Stokman. Photo by Margaret Stokman
Tommaso Bardelli (left) and Dan Jusino. Photo by Migi Fabara Martinez

Forging a Culture of Forgiveness

US & MoreSuzanne Tanzi

"Healing is about teaching people to love — themselves and others." Stories of reconciliation with life with Dan Jusino and Tommaso Bardelli at the 2017 New York Encounter.

Bardelli (left) and Jusino. Photo by Migi Fabara Martinez
John Bartlett (left) and Tom Colucci. Photo by Amy Knaus

A Long and Improbable Journey of Grace

US & MoreSuzanne Tanzi

The Rev. Tom Colucci, a firefighter during the horrors of September 11, 2001, gave a witness at the 2017 New York Encounter of that unforgettable day, the work that followed and the concrete signs of Christ throughout it all.

Bartlett (left) and Colucci. Photo by Amy Knaus

The New York Encounter: Why?


I wrote for "Traces" again this New York Encounter but in the middle of it I wondered whether I had made a mistake. I enjoy writing but it is always slog.

Richard Cabral. Photo by Brenda Abdelmesih

Tell the True Story: Richard Cabral Speaks

US & MoreCharles Atkinson

"What are we missing? Why do we often perceive reality as disappointing? What can help us reconcile with reality and engage life as it is?" The 2017 New York Encounter opened with music and a conversation with Richard Cabral and Fr. Vincent Nagle.

Cabral. Photo by Brenda Abdelmesih
Mila Villaceran (left) and Anthony Lechich. Photo by Amy Knaus

Caring Across Generations

US & MoreKristin Hurd

Monica Goodwin, Mila Villaceran and Anthony Lechich discuss the impact of the elder generations at the 2017 New York Encounter.

(L-R) Goodwin, Villaceran and Lechich. Photo by Amy Knaus
Julián Carrón (left) and Joseph Weiler. Photo by Sophia Wiener

Beauty Does Not Betray

US & MoreGreg Barry

"Our faith must become a lived beauty through which others can encounter God’s incredible love." Fr. Julián Carrón discussed his new book "Disarming Beauty" with Joseph Weiler at the 2017 New York Encounter.

R. R. Reno (left) and David Brooks. Photo by Sofia Wiener

Brooks and Reno on the American Dream

US & MoreSantiago Ramos

David Brooks and R. R. Reno discussed the question, “Are the American People Betraying Their Dream? Or Is the American Dream Betraying its People?" at the 2017 New York Encounter.

(L-R) Maurizio Maniscalco, R. R. Reno and David Brooks. Photo by Sofia Wiener
(L-R) Claire Vouk, Matt Malone and Timothy Dolan. Photo by Mary Sarah Ivers

American Dream Come True

US & MoreBrittany Higdon

"The goal of Christianity is not to win an argument, but to be holy." Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the Rev. Matt Malone and Claire Vouk conversed on the American saints' exhibit “The American Dream Come True” at the 2017 New York Encounter.

(L-R) Sanchez, Vouk, Dolan and Malone. Photo by Mary Sarah Ivers
Audience members at Reality Does Not Betray. Really?.

What Wonder Knows

US & MoreSuzanne Lewis

"The problem with man making himself dissimilar to God is that it also makes him dissimilar to himself." A conversation on the 2017 New York Encounter theme with Michael Waldstein, John Waters and Fr. José Medina.

Luca Matone (left) and Maria Teresa Landi. Photo by Kaleigh O'Brien

The Art of Science

US & MoreBruno Cassará

What does it mean to be successful in research? What drives their work? Can the work of the scientist be viewed as an art form? A conversation at the 2017 New York Encounter with Maria Teresa Landi, Polly Matzinger and Luca Matone.

Audience attending The Art of Science. Photo by Kaleigh O'Brien