Letters - 2019 - Page 4

Life, Work, and Friendship


Maristella recounts how a question shared among friends became the spark that gave birth to the New York Encounter's Professional Corner.

Courtesy of Joshua Stancil

The Fraternity: My "Special Work"


Michele recounts her experience participating in an overnight with her community to better understand the meaning of belonging to the Fraternity.

The cross of our Holy Father Benedict. CC0

"You Follow Me"


The New Haven, CT, community established a bond with several Benedictine Sisters from the Monastery of the Glorious Cross. In this letter, a member of the community shares the striking story of one of them, Sister Marie-Bruna.

CC0 via Pixabay

The Certainty of a Presence


After spending a summer as an "animatore" in Italy, Sylvain discovers the meaning of what to him seemed to be the greatest paradox: Preference.