Letters - 2019 - Page 3

Courtesy of Stephen Adubato.

The Real Need of Another


Stephen writes about his experience doing charitable work serving the homeless with his friends. Read the full story.

Courtesy of Mirko Farina.

A Need Broken Open


"Fr. Accu said something along the lines of, 'Now I go to these meetings because I need something, I need to see Christ. Not to give them something I've thought up myself.'" Gabe recounts his experience meeting the movement and starting a GS group.

“At the end of the road, there is Someone waiting for you”


Natalie shares her experience partaking in the pilgrimage to the Mother Cabrini Shrine in Chicago. "The most striking event for me was to see how Christ takes our desire seriously and does so not only for the one desirer but for the whole world."

The Beginning of the Hundredfold


After participating in the National Diaconia, Elisabetta has three encounters that allow her to recognize Christ present and witness Him at work.

"First Steps" by Vincent Van Gogh. Via Wikimedia Commons.

Living Presently to Experience Christ


In light of "Morality: Memory and Desire," Sami embarks on an effort to help her husband live fully, but in so doing, she discovers a profound love for her own life.

The Exercises in Puerto Rico


"It was eye-opening to understand that it is human nature for everything to come to an end, and how we can live this fact either distracted and without any questions, or we can ask ourselves these questions to actually live a life."

God Can Use Us to Reach Others


Nancy recounts her experience doing charitable work at a juvenile detention center where she became aware of the purpose of placing herself in service of others.

Always Pilgrims


A pilgrimage to St. Anne's Shrine in Massachusetts grants Victoria the opportunity to consider her life journey in light of her companionship.

A Gift for the World


After desiring that her daughter be educated according to the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, Monica receives an unexpected gift that would propagate from her heart to that of others.

What Does it Mean to Serve?


A group of friends from Boston, prompted by a friend's beautiful experience in Seattle, start their own charitable work. Here is what they discovered.

Friends in Tijuana


"I thought I would go to Tijuana to help the poor by cooking dinner. Instead, I was invited to become poor, through an openness of heart and poverty of spirit that was so attractive."

Christ and His Church


Starting from an excerpt from "Morality: Memory and Desire," Matteo reflects on his relationship with his clients and what allows him to truly engage with them.

Vancouver: What did they See?


The community of Vancouver extended the invitation to this year's Way of the Cross to friends and acquaintances outside the movement. Here is what happened.

Crying Out for Someone


High school student Madeline recounts her experience organizing a study weekend for her GS community. "All I could say was You. Through this experience, I suddenly understood that Christianity is an Event."

Notre Dame on fire. Via Wikimedia Commons.

Notre Dame: Those Who Rebuild the Temple


“How many times have I passed it by without even seeing it? How many times have I looked at it without thinking that those are living stones?" How the fire in the Cathedral speaks to the experience of those who live in Paris.

Courtesy of Peter Fields.

Rediscovering a Presence


On April 2 and 3, the New York City CLU presented an exhibit on the life of Msgr. Luigi Giussani at New York University. For Peter this was an opportunity to delve deeper into his belonging to Communion and Liberation.

Science and Life at the Vatican


Evelyn recounts her experience participating in the annual assembly of the Pontifical Academy for Life at the Vatican last June.

Risking on Friends


Thanks to a friendship with some mothers at her daughter's school, Julie is granted the gift to re-encounter the charism through fresh eyes.

"Open Window, Collioure" by Henri Matisse. By Irina via Flickr.

Lent: An Escape from Images


"The point of my resolution has unfolded slowly: Instead of giving things up, I want to learn to embrace and love what I have."

The Nashville community with Bishop Mark Spalding. Courtesy of Meghan Isaacs.

Living With Fullness


After attending her community's annual memorial mass for Msgr. Luigi Giussani, Meghan reflects on what the Movement means for her own life and that of her newborn son.