"The Letters of Nicodemus"

Jan DobraczynskiCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2015
Pages: 598

"The Letters of Nicodemus is a fictional account of the impact of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ upon one of the lesser New Testament characters, but it is in no way just another recital of a familiar story. Nicodemus is presented as a man of intelligence and great learning, devoted to the law of Moses and to the conventions of his sect, but drawn to the compelling personality of the miracle-worker from Nazareth through the lingering illness of a favorite daughter. Against a convincing and vivid back-ground of Jewish and Roman politics and known Biblical events, Nicodemus' letters to his former teacher, Justus, reveal the subsequent bitter and bewildering struggle his frank incredulity in a Messiah who could never conform to the expectations of the Jewish priesthood, and his deep need to know and to accept the mysteries of Christ's words and deeds. Jan Dobraczynski, one of the leading contemporary novelists in Poland, has written a moving and scholarly interpretation of the growth of belief amongst those in direct contact with Christ. "The Letters of Nicodemus" is a novel which in its profound religious sense and bredth of imagination will appeal to readers of all denominations.